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Urwerk UR-105 TA RG men watch

in Gran Canaria 17.04.2019 09:26
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Futuristic Urwerk.

The watch brand Urwerk is one of the youngest and most creative watch brands. It was born in 1995, but has successfully won the hearts of many fans around the world.Urwerk UR-T8 SKULL

Founded by two brothers, Thomas and Felix Bomgartner, the company, together with successful designer Martin Frey, began producing non-standard and completely unique Urwerk watches.

The company's production facilities are now located in Geneva. It is here that every year, new luxury and expensive watch collections are produced and produced, including 110 series, 103 series, 103T series, 200 series and LAB. Each collection is unique and cannot be imitated, and each collection has its own style and history.

Thus, for example, the first model, Urwerk 102, was created by the legendary "Star Wars," but the watch 101, released in 1997, was dedicated to the first Earth satellite launched 40 years ago.

UrDank 103T on BitDials, in turn, set 103 appeared in 2003. It has become the most vivid reflection of the brand concept used in our time. The URWERK UR-103 Hexagone case looks like a racing hood, and the next collection 103T looks like a tarantula.

As for the modern achievements of Urwerk, they are happy with their design and design features. For example, the designer watch UR-110 is similar to a planetary satellite and is equipped with three interconnect modules.

In general, there are still many interesting developments in the brand's armory, and they will find their supporters in futuristic or avant-garde fans.ZENITH EL PRIMERO replica

Urwerk UR-CC1 and EMC - Evolution of mechanical timepieces

As some of you know that I am a big man... No, scratching - I am a huge fan, with the words "modern" and "watch" in any sentence. Although many of our readers here already know what Urwerk is, let me briefly introduce those who are not. The brand, founded by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei (the two watchmaking geniuses who have been working on the project), was founded in 1997 and introduced new concepts and standards in the field of independent watches. Today, Urwerk is widely recognized for its highly successful projects, such as the UR103 or UR110 models, which use satellite time to display time while rotating around their own axes and dials.

But today my hands-on review will not be these models. I will talk about 2 pieces developed by Urwerk. They all introduce new concepts in the field of watchmaking and open up another direction for designers and watchmakers. The first one is - UR-CC1.

Now you might think that the name is too complicated and technical, but in fact there is a big story behind it. CC stands for Cottier Cobra because the concept of the watch was originally designed by a very talented twentieth-century watchmaker - Louis Cottier, who named the watch cobra as a linear that wanted to introduce time linearity. The way to look at the American car dashboard from an old perspective. He sold the design to one of the most famous brands in the watch industry - Patek Philippe, but they never developed and manufactured the work. Is it a powerless or a desire to experiment? we do not know. What we know is that today's Urwerk (or more like 2010) eventually introduces the original concept and pays tribute to the creator of the idea.replica watches for sale

The hour is displayed at the bottom, from 1 to 12, then jumps back and restarts using the retrograde system. Every hour is a separate line that appears outside of the movement, so it is on the minute indicator above it. Regarding minutes, I didn't get how they worked immediately, but when Urwerk said "linear time", they literally mean it, because seconds represent the spiral, and turns show the exact time of the linear scale, and in a small window The correct seconds are displayed.

Although there are only 25 of these watches (I wear 25/25), it is also a black version and a unique feature of the London Marcus watch, which is red instead of green. All models are automatic and are charged for 39 hours using a special Urwerk turbine winding system. The only uncomfortable thing about the watch is the crown, which is located at the top of the case and will extend beyond the strap if the wrist is not adjusted. Overall, this watch is great, and surprisingly, after nearly four years of its creation, no one has tried to create a similar or more advanced linear time version. However, it is called CC1 for a reason, so let us hope that Urwerk will continue this series of watches.

When I sat down and dreamed of another Cobra, Urwerk just released another watch called EMC. Another technical name stands for Electro Mechanical Control. When CC1 was originally developed by Cottier, this work is entirely due to the Urwerk team, who designed, built and assembled this part internally, which is the first.

This watch combines mechanical and electronic equipment. Its mechanical side is responsible for time and power reserve, and the electronics we can see on the back of the chassis are just for time accuracy. I have already talked about the watch company trying to invent more precise time by using tourbillon alternatives (such as differentials or improved balance wheels), but this is a brand new thing.

Maybe I added that although I am not the biggest fan of dial design, I really like the back of it, this is the first time in the history of Urwerk completely open! As for the size, CC1 is only a little small, 51 mm long and 15.8 mm thick. This watch is a combination of titanium and steel and has the largest power reserve in all Urwerks - 80 hours. It is still a must-have for every Urwerk fan dream series! rado hyperchrome quartz

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