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wished I would

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wished I would put the dumplings together. Is it a mistake to come here today? He didn't need me at all, didn't need me to go to cook in the morning, and didn't need me to accompany him to fear him, for fear that he was bored. I want to do my best to be a landlord. Now it seems that there is absolutely no need for it - people do not need landlords. Just the joy, excitement, excitement, and excitement disappeared without a trace. Looking at the wrapped dumplings, and those without the bag, I feel particularly ironic. The rest of the dumplings in the pot seems to be laughing at me, watching, making you proud, this is good. I am a person who is particularly afraid of loneliness, afraid of being alone in the house, and even more afraid that someone suddenly breaks in. I have never been alone at home. For him, I can be busy and busy in the afternoon. One person, one afternoon. Its name is poetic, called special. Finally, I changed my name to Lost. I gave him a bowl of dumplings that I had never touched. I deliberately asked those people not to steal. I finished my tutoring in the remedial class on Monday. When I was having lunch, I found the bowl of dumplings that I specially reserved for Lin Pengjun. It seems to have been fried and not eaten much. I didn't talk, silently put the bowl of dumplings back into the refrigerator the next day, the bowl of dumplings still lie in the refrigerator for the third day, the dumplings are still fifteen days later, when I can't find anything to eat, I turn Throughout the refrigerator, I found the bowl of dumplings. As on Monday, one has not moved. I am sad to think: half a month, it should be broken, dump it. I poured the bowl of dumplings that had been busy for one afternoon into the trash can Marlboro Lights, but I didn't miss it. Like the friendship that was not cherished, the night when I didn��t understand the feelings of the dumplings, I thought for a long time, plus the opening of the girlfriends, and the tone of his temptation and avoidance during this time chatting with him. I finally realized that he misunderstood my feelings. He thought that I liked him, so he wanted to avoid me. Therefore, he is cold to me and ignores my kindness. I am ridiculous, I am helpless, I can't explain. I have been sad for a long time, for the bowl of dumplings Cheap Cigarettes, for my feelings of doubt, for my heart. I think, I am good to you, why can't you be good to me too? Why can't you understand me? Everyone will grow up, and the price of growing up is that I am good to you, you don't know, you don't cherish, I will not be good to you again. You can not accept the feelings of others, you can not understand, you can not follow suit, but you can not trample on him and will never understand, that afternoon, I will never have a second sincerity in my life. He will never understand that in our family, dumplings are only treated in the New Year and my birthday. The summer wind has blown away, the summer rain has dripped, the summer sea has retreated, the summer clouds have drifted away, and I have left in the summer. When autumn came, I looked at the blue sky in the distance, thinking about the bitterness of this summer vacation. I experienced a fire that happened next door. No one was nervous and killed. The harm caused by this bowl of dumplings is not counted. What later I met a boy who was very good and me, and he often said that we are good friends, how should it be, the kind of posture that made me unable to stand up, and later became my discomfort became disgust. He is very wronged by my coldness. Isn��t a friend supposed to be like this? At this time, I realized that this is not like me and Lin Pengjun? It��s not that my feelings have gone wrong. It��s a problem with my way. It��s my degree that I��m not sure. I am too pursuing vigorous and vigorous pursuit of strong feelings, pursuing nothing to talk about, meticulous, but forget the most important point of getting along with others - to maintain distance, to grasp the degree of goodness, to be flat, I will not take the initiative to find him Newport Cigarettes, With the phrase "distance produces beauty," quietly passed the days after school. Yangliuqing is hanging on the ground, and Yanghua is a long time. I suddenly remembered that in the third year of high school, the plastic track of the playground was just repaired, and it smelled like a rubber. We took the broom and cleaned it under the teaching building, and the willow catkins floated in the air. In fact, it should be Yang Hua, floating gently in the air, surrounded by us who are busy and sneak. After sweeping the broom, the poplars on the ground leaped and fell on our heads and clothes. After a while, they gently covered the ground like a thin layer of snow. Maybe, at that time, we still know that the faint is the best. At most, I haven��t paid much attention to him for the first three months. I started to deliberately restrain and restrain, and later became a natural light. Time flies to the National Day holiday, we contacted for the first time after the dumpling incident, he was the first to find me. I believe that he also thought about the problems between us, and in the past three months, I understood his misunderstanding of me. The school we went back to, he was a little cautious, and I was no longer so ignorant, but rather generous, what to do. Not only for him, after I carefully reflected on myself, I slowly learned to master the relationship with people, but the fire is not too cold, plain, but not careless. In this way, I found that it is much better than I used to be too enthusiastic. Since it is good for one person and for others, don��t expect others to give you the same thing, and don��t ask others to do it Marlboro Red. Because, if you are good to a person, you must be willing. If you don��t want it Cigarettes Online, don��t feel wronged and take back your good. Because no one else asks you to be jealous of him, no one wants you to be good to him. The feelings that can last for a long time must be plain and faint. The passionate feelings are like the flowers of anger. After the anger, it must be withered. And that Qingsong, has never been blushing, has never had a vigorous life, but can be evergreen.
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